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‘Will Stop Soap’: The Beauty and Challenges of AI

We recently dipped our pinky toe into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We’re enjoying the increased efficiency AI offers, but it isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. This blog offers a brief…

Telling Stories to Save Lives: How Digital Dashboards are being used to Strengthen a Media Movement at the MTV Staying Alive Foundation

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation (MTV-SAF) produces the highly engaging serial drama, MTV-Shuga, that has audiences from 72 countries—including Databoom staff—glued to their screens.

Using Market Intelligence to Strengthen Health Markets

The idea of ‘Market Intelligence’ can be overwhelming to some practitioners and can conjure up a long list of terms, like “promotion,” “trends,” “supply,” “demand,” and “sales.” At Databoom, we work…

The Power of Upfront Thinking

Last week, Databoom’s Founder, Kim Longfield, led a session at the 2021 Global Digital Development Summit (GDD Summit) about leveraging the power of upfront thinking to ensure digital solutions…

What The Pandemic Has Reminded Us About Research

Despite the misconception that data nerds like us prefer dark solitary spaces where we can number-crunch in peace, sunnier days ahead have put a skip in our step! To some, spring represents a new…

Making health markets work is more important now than ever

Funding for areas like family planning and HIV prevention has been shaky at best. When programs are funded, international donors and countries have prioritized ensuring a steady supply of commodities…

Improving health outcomes must be coupled with person-centric health care

Countries and implementers are under pressure to “meet their numbers” whether they’re FP2020 targets, the SDGs, or donor deliverables. While it’s important to have benchmarks, we also need to focus…

There’s space for nuance in a world that rewards all-or-nothing thinking

Good insight makes sense of the messy, exposes entrenched problems or systems-level challenges, brings context forward, and allows decision-makers to right-size their solutions.