Telling Stories to Save Lives: How Digital Dashboards are being used to Strengthen a Media Movement at the MTV Staying Alive Foundation

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation (MTV-SAF) produces the highly engaging serial drama, MTV-Shuga, that has audiences from 72 countries—including Databoom staff—glued to their…

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Upfront Thinking: Critical Tools

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Using Market Intelligence to Strengthen Health Markets

The idea of ‘Market Intelligence’ can be overwhelming to some practitioners and can conjure up a long list of terms, like “promotion,” “trends,” “supply,” “demand,” and “sales.”…

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Market Intelligence Resources

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The Power of Upfront Thinking

Last week, Databoom’s Founder, Kim Longfield, led a session at the 2021 Global Digital Development Summit (GDD Summit) about leveraging the power of upfront thinking to ensure…

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What The Pandemic Has Reminded Us About Research

Despite the misconception that data nerds like us prefer dark solitary spaces where we can number-crunch in peace, sunnier days ahead have put a skip in our step! To some, spring…

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