This fun example hails from J. Austen. The example outlines the roles and responsibilities for co-authors on a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. The study examines the intentions of unmarried men in upper wealth quintiles for partnership formation in the early 1800s. The template is available in PDF and Word format for your own use.

See the preview below:

Title: Determining the Ontological Truth and Global Applicability of Partnership Formation Habits of Single Men in Possession of a Good Fortune.

Lead author: Austen, J.

Other authors (in order): Bennet. E., Darcy, F., Bennet, L., Bingley, C.

Author responsibilities:

  • Austen J: Conceptualize project, data analysis, lead manuscript drafting – background, methods, results, and discussion; final editing and submission; serve as corresponding author
  • Bennet E: Lead data collection and data analysis, write up methods and results, review final manuscript
  • Darcy F: Support data collection and data analysis, conduct literature review, contribute to results section, review final manuscript
  • Bennet L: Support data analysis, contribute to background and discussion sections; review final manuscript
  • Bingley C: Draft discussion section; review final manuscript
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